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Think Pawsitive’s Commitment to the Community

In addition to dog training, we are extremely proud of our Commitment to the Community. We host fun featured events to a wide range of audiences in our community. We also dedicate our time and resources to help local charities, animal shelters and rescue groups.

Our efforts include:

  • Outreach and Education: We are proud of our various outreach efforts in which we host numerous educational booths at a variety of diverse dog and non-dog related events throughout southeastern Wisconsin. These efforts reach tens of thousands of visitors, many new to dog training, and help support various non-profits and civic groups in their causes.
  • Charitable Contributions: We support numerous local charities throughout the year through monetary and in-kind donations.
  • Family and Dog friendly events throughout the year: We have a strong desire to create fun and interactive events for all families to enjoy with their dogs, we ask owners to be respectful of other guests and only attend Think Pawsitive events with dogs that are successful participating around other dogs and people!

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