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Volunteer Opportunities at Think Pawsitive

Sense of purpose. Self-confidence. Exciting challenges. Making a difference. Meeting new people. All are excellent reasons to volunteer with an organization of your choice. Why not make it Think Pawsitive Dog Training, LLC, Wisconsin’s largest indoor canine education, training, and sports complex? And they have even more “pawsome” reasons to donate your time and attention.

Located in Waukesha, Think Pawsitive offers over 65 dog and puppy training classes each week, not to mention numerous workshops, special events, trials, community outreach programs, and demos. Think Pawsitive also houses a 41′ x 21’ heated indoor swimming pool one highlight of their canine aquatics’ programs. So, there’s a great deal with which to get active. Just ask any of the current 149 volunteers.

Before we explain the easiest way to become a Think Pawsitive volunteer, let’s first mention several things. (1) You don’t have to own a dog in order to volunteer (as a matter of fact, there are quite a few volunteers who don’t. (2) Young people (12+) are always welcome. For instance, some from youth camps have volunteered, says Think Pawsitive Executive Assistant Adam Loose (pronounced Loosee), “They really seem to enjoy the facility and the activities they get to do.” He adds, “Parents are teaching them at a young age that it’s good to volunteer, it’s good to get involved.”

A visit to the Volunteer Opportunities page of (link for underlined text is shows all the upcoming events, such as agility and nose work, that need volunteers. Currently, Adam is prepping the list for the first half of 2023; the update is updated regularly on the website. You can let the page walk you through the volunteer sign-up process, but if you have any questions, you are welcome to call Adam at (262) 641-9540.

What so many volunteers appreciate are the incentives—vouchers and gift cards included—which they receive from Think Pawsitive. Specific amounts for both depend upon the number of hours that are donated. For instance, someone volunteering for a full day receives $35 in voucher bucks or a $30 gift card. The vouchers can be applied towards any service, class, rental, or special event at Think Pawsitive.

Regarding the incentives, Katie Oilschlager, Think Pawsitive Owner, says volunteers receive an education, build a community with one another, and get their dog participating, if they can, on a specific event. Here’s another incentive: Depending upon how much time you are volunteering and the time of day, lunch and/or snacks and beverages are provided.

Carol Levison has been volunteering for one year. “I enjoy it because it connects me with the Think Pawsitive community and it helps me afford having two dogs in the program,” she explains. Carol adds that it’s, “The best game in town. Best trainers in town and I have checked out the competition.”

Another volunteer, Julie Pfeiffer, says, “I like watching handlers and their dogs and seeing different approaches. It helps me with my dog [and] the program I am in saves me money in membership fees.”

Julie mentioned the Platinum Volunteer Training Membership which is new to Think Pawsitive. It’s four 1-hour monthly sessions which serve to thank the volunteers for their support and allow them and their dogs to continue learning and growing while having fun. To qualify, one needs to maintain a minimum of six 4-hour volunteer sessions per quarter.

It’s not necessary for anyone to be skilled ahead of time with what to do. For instance, someone might say, “I know nothing about agility, so I don’t want to go ahead and volunteer.” There’s no need for concern. Think Pawsitive routinely trains people to get them comfortable with the jobs they’ll be doing. Also, there’s always core staff scheduled for every event.

Some big events that volunteers enjoy working at are the Turkey Trot and Woofstock. The former just passed, but the latter is scheduled for Sunday, July 30, 2023. Yes, it has a sixties’ theme with live music, food trucks, canine games, and vendor booths. Such events are good for school and church groups to volunteer for, as well as a place at which to have a lot of fun.

To wrap this all up, meet like-minded people, make a difference, gain relevant work experience, hone new skills, expand your perspectives, grow your network, AND get vouchers and gift cards, all by volunteering at Think Pawsitive Dog Training. There is something for everyone to enjoy and benefit from while donating their time.

For instance, volunteer Meghan Ward says, “I volunteered at the champion level for a nose work trial and it was really cool. Those dogs walk into the room, and they know exactly where to go.”

Sign up here (link underlined text to Email questions to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from and working with you.