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Stephanie Linn

TAILS Academy & Acquatics Manager
2 Years

Personal Experience

I have worked in many different environments before coming over to Think Pawsitive. I first started out my customer service experience at the Milwaukee County Zoo in food service, where I worked there for close to 8 years, on the food line, supervising different kiosks, and then my last roll was at the Catering Coordinator. From there I went into the baking industry and was able to work more one on one with clients to make sure their bakery needs were met with their cakes, cupcakes, and pasteries. Having that one on one experience with those clients really helped me make sure we met the needs of each and every customer. I also had two opportunities to work in Walt Disney World and do the Disney College Program. While being there I got to help customers from all over the world and be able to be understand their needs even with a language barrier.

Why I Love My Job

I love working at Think Pawsitive because I get to work with all the dogs as well as their owners. Whether it is in a one on one session in the pool or water treadmill, or coming in to their TAILS Academy Session. Its such a privilege to work with the dogs one on one and watch their growth here at the facility. I absolutley love watching a dog grow especially in the pool when they start out, all the way to graduating to be a PRO swimmer. TAILS Academy is also so rewarding to me because the owners chose us to let their dogs spend the day with, and then having those dog grow an attachment to myself or any of our staff members. Plus I get to work with really great people, its so fun getting to know my staff members, and getting to do staff activities together with either just them, or them and their dogs!