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Sarah Adams

Job Title:
Facility Operation Manager
Training & Canine Sports
13 Years

Personal Experience

All instructors at Think Pawsitive have a strong passion for dogs and for teaching students to problem solve while shaping their dogs to perform specific behaviors. Allowing the dogs to “Learn to Earn” is our overriding philosophy and the lifestyle we maintain with our own dogs. First and foremost in our training is teaching students how to develop and maintain a strong relationship with their dog. All other skills are much easier to train once your dog has learned to love to work with you.

In addition to our permanent staff, Think Pawsitive also works with a group of talented visiting instructors who bring their unique skills to help educate and empower the people and dogs we work with.

Professional Skills


Early Years

As a child, Sarah always had dogs in her house. She grew up with great passion and love for them and knew that her future would lead her to pursue a career that would foster this passion. Currently, Sarah has three dogs including a Shih-Tzu/Poodle, a Lab mix, and a Border Collie.  All three of her dogs participate in different canine sports including swimming, agility and nose work.  When Sarah and her dogs are not working on agility and nose work skills, you can find them out hiking, working on tricks or just enjoying life together.


Sarah has been involved in dog training and agility since 2008. She enjoys continuing her education in the sport of agility through workshops and classes with Greg and Laura Derrett, Susan Salo and Anthony Clarke. She also learns from a variety of other top competitors and experts inside and outside of agility. Sarah teaches Manners, Agility and Nose Work classes along with a variety of workshops and seminars.

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