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Kristina Kieckhefer

Job Title:
Assistant Dog Trainer
Training and Canine Sports
5 Years
(262) 641-9540

Personal Experience

I have always had dogs in my life. Our family dog was my best friend and I would sleep in her dog house with her. I helped train our family dogs growing up and have always been interested in it ever since. When I started agility with Koda, I didn’t even envision it would lead to a job, but it completely makes sense. My passion for dogs, responsible pet ownership, and dog advocacy is right in line with my training. I’ve trained our two dogs since they were puppies and have taken my knowledge and then applied all the expertise from Katie and Sarah on top of that.

Why I Love My Job

I love seeing breakthroughs and successes. For me, it is all about that connection with our fur babies – keep the fun and love your top priority! They are trying! It’s so exciting seeing something click, especially when it’s something the dog/owner learns that they have been struggling with. Getting to see the time, effort and celebration is fantastic!

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