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Carly Treinen

Dog Trainer
Training & Canine Sports
15 years

Personal Experience

Carly is the Assistant Training Manager at Think Pawsitive Dog Training. Carly grew up with a love of animals, volunteering at humane societies until she got her first dog at age 10. Moses, a Sheltie-Beagle-Pug mix, got her started in the world of training before passing on in 2021. While competing in 4-H competitive obedience and rally, she became a youth instructor in the program. Carly and Moses fell in love with agility and competed in the highest levels, earning 22 championship titles and 2017’s UKI Top Mixed Breed Internationally. She also dabbled in K9 freestyle, trick training, disc, and flyball.

She got her second dog, Jonah, a Jack Russell-Border Collie mix in 2016. While completing her Entrepreneurship degree at UW-Whitewater in 2019, Carly worked at a boarding kennel and trained Jonah in agility, disc, flyball, rally, obedience, nose work, and dock diving. Jonah and Carly have attended many national events in many different sports, including winning 4 out of 5 games at Updog Frisbee Nationals in 2022, attending the 2022 U-FLI Flyball Tournament of Champions with her flyball team, Bordering on Insanity, and winning the 2021 UKI Midwest Cup. Carly and Jonah also competed in the World Agility Open in The Netherlands in May 2022, placing 20th in their division internationally.

Carly moved to Waukesha and started her career at Think Pawsitive in Autumn of 2020. She prides herself on being able to use the skills she has acquired to help other handler-dog teams, whether it be in puppy manners classes, to dog agility.

Carly believes in positive reinforcement to create a strong working relationship with our canine partners and believes the key to good dog training is learning how to properly communicate with our dogs. She receives glowing reviews for her attention to detail and ability to adapt training to the individual team in front or her.

Professional Skills


Why I Love My Job

Carly loves the rewarding experience being a dog trainer provides. She enjoys helping handler-dog teams with the skills she has acquired from working with her own dogs and other younger 4-H teams. She appreciates having the ability to train through positive reinforcement and build the bond between dog and owner. Her students appreciate her attention to detail and ability to adapt training exercises to help each team succeed. Most of all, Carly enjoys the “chills” she gets when watching a team succeed at a challenging exercise for the first time! Carly instructs Beginner Puppy School, Adult Manners, Foundation to Advanced Agility classes, Rally, K9 Disc, and various workshops held at Think Pawsitive. She looks forward to meeting you and your pup!

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