One of our favorite quotes by Greg Louganis is, “Peak Performance is like Meditation in Motion”. The whole world falls away and you and your dog are fully connected and synchronized. Your performance as a team seems to flow effortlessly. It is truly a special time with your dog. Getting to a level of peak performance is no easy task. It takes an enormous amount of time, patience, determination, commitment, persistence and good humor. Before you get discouraged, however, you must know that it is worth every minute and ounce of sweat invested to reach that peak. There is nothing more rewarding and no stronger bond to be felt. To honor the dedication of our staff and students on their own unique journeys with their dogs, we would like to share their accomplishments with you. Never forget to acknowledge and take in the moments of brilliance you share with your dog along the path to your personal peak.


See how our staff and students perform in national and regional competitions.

Jen and Mattie earned their C-ATE CPE Agility Championship on May 5, 2018. Mattie earned it the day she turned 11.5 years.

Amy and Cabot are active in both NACSW and UKC nose work competitions.   He earned his NACSW NW1 and NW2 titles in 2017 and this year we’ve moved up to the NW3 level – lots of new challenges to train for!  Cabot earned his UKC Superior Title in 2017 and thus far in 2018 earned his Master Container and Master Interior titles. We’ve picked up a number of placements and even a few High In Trials along the way. 

“This sport has been terrific for both of us – it’s a game we can play together, just the two of us — anytime, anyplace, with very little equipment.” -Amy

Katie and Merit earned their USDAA Performance Dog Championship on November 2017.  

Sarah and Journey earned their NW2 nose work title December 2017 

Katie and Britta earned their NW1 March 2018.  

Kelsey and Remi earned their NW1 June 2018.

Todd and Buzz earned their Masters NADD Dock Diving Title June 9th, 2018