Have you ever watched a crime-sniffing dog on TV and thought, “I wonder if my dog could do that?”  The answer is YES!  Your dog has 300 million “olfactory sensors” and in Nose Work I, we teach you and your dog how to find scents through a variety of fun activities. Dogs of any age, from young puppies to older dogs, and of any training level can be successful in learning scent detection.  It is an extremely fun and fascinating activity that will help build your dog’s confidence as they work through “scent games” and get rewarded for using their nose!
Benefits of Nose Work are:

  • Dog burns a lot of physical and mental energy
  • Teaches your dog a fun activity that can be done anywhere
  • Shy or fearful dogs build confidence and overactive dogs put their energy to work
  • Builds a stronger bond between you and your dog

Students must attend all 4 weeks of this class in order to move on to Nose Work I: Basic Searches.

PREREQUISITE: Must have completed Think Pawsitive’s Beginner Puppy School, Adult Manners or Canine IQ Camp or prior approval from the instructor.

Please Note: Class Dates are the start of a 4-week session. Attendance at all 4 weeks is required.

4-week Course – 60 minutes
CLASS BEGINS: New Class Dates Coming Soon!