Canine Fit Club Testimonial

“On days when I know I will be too busy to work with my dog I bring him to the Think Pawsitive Fit Club.  He gets to try new types of exercise and is reinforced on behaviors I have already worked on with him.  It is also nice to have the one-on-one with an experienced trainer.”
“I love knowing my dog will get great care and one-on-one attention at Think Pawsitive Fit Club.  He has access to swimming, treadmill, water treadmill and other types of exercise.  I think of it as a spa day for my dog!”…..Sherry T.


Pawsitive Canine Fitness Club offers structured interaction with our team of Pawsitive Canine Fitness instructors. They provide your dog with one-on-one daily exercise opportunities and learning activities using all the resources our facility offers.

As a Pawsitive Canine Fitness Club participant, your dog will experience daily activities that include:

Swimming in our 41′ x 21′  pool held at a steady 81 degrees. This activity is guaranteed to increase the physical fitness and stamina of your dog.

Land or water treadmill – Our treadmills are designed explicitly for dogs and their bodies. Our aqua treadmill allows your dog to get fabulous exercise with low stress on joints and hips.

Leash walking experience provides a mental challenge and teaches your dog to remain calm while walking respectfully on a leash. We use ONLY the Gentle Leader or Sense-ation harness.

Core strengthening exercises and fun play activities will build confidence, body awareness and promote healthy fitness for your dog.

Retrieving Exercises – Our PCFC instructors will teach your dog the skills needed to retrieve their new favorite toys and provide them with an outlet for pent-up energy.

Obstacle Experience is provided to assist “FIDO” with confidence and trust.

General manners work will teach your dog to sit, down, stay, maintain bed behaviors and how to meet & greet people.

And finally, rest time – a well deserved break after a day of exercise, play and learning.

Our Pawsitive Canine Fitness Club instructors will work with your dog to develop new-found proficiencies regardless of their current skill or physical fitness level. During the day or while you are at work you can rest assured that your dog will receive incredible care while gaining physical fitness, confidence, strength training and stamina. This sure beats allowing your sweet pet to spend their time home alone finding ways to entertain themselves (often at your expense!).

Pawsitive Canine Fit Club INFORMATION

Now for the Canine Commandments:

  • No Pinch or Choke Collars.
  • All dogs must be up to date on vaccinations.
  • All dogs will be crate trained while transitioned to their next session for safety and rest time. Absolutely no exceptions.
  • Dog’s from 8 weeks on up will qualify for our program.
  • No Flexi Leashes
  • All dogs will receive treats throughout their sessions. We will ask that you provide chews for their free time
  • Monday – Thursday
  • Morning Session – 8 am to noon
  • Morning Drop-off 7 am to 7:45 am
  • Afternoon Session – 1 pm to 5 pm Afternoon
  • Drop-off 12:30 pm-1:00 pm
  • Pick-Up 5 pm to 6:30 pm

SPACE IS LIMITED Reservation Hotline: 262-641-9540

Please download and complete the following PDFs

Pawsitive Canine Fit Club PRICING


What’s included in the full day program:

  • K9 Splash Swim Session
  • Canine Water Treadmill
  • Land Treadmill
  • Leash Walking Sessions with Trainer
  • Learning Opportunities – Retrieving/Leash Walking with Trainer


4 DAY PACK RATE – $338
8 DAY PACK RATE – $583


What’s included in the 1/2 day program:

  • K9 Splash Swim Session OR 15 minute Canine Water Treadmill
  • Land Treadmill
  • Leash Walking Session with Trainer
  • Learning Opportunity – Retrieve/Leash Walking with Trainer

4 DAY PACK RATE – $186
8 DAY PACK RATE – $352