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Training Memebrship Class Registration

January 2024

Registration for January 2024 classes is Due December  15th, 2023!
ll ala carte classes will be processed to your card on file within 1 week of class registration.

NEW! Featured Classes

NEW! These 1-hr classes are designed for students who are eager to progress, expand their knowledge and explore new training techniques. With the flexibility to choose any one-week class from the selection, these classes allow you to further advance your skills and unlock your full potential. Embrace this chance to enhance your training abilities and embark on an enriching journey with us!

PREREQUISITE: Dogs must have completed Adult Manners or Beginner Puppy School at Think Pawsitive!

Please register for each individual week you wish to attend.

Pleased to Meet You! is a meet and greet class specifically for dogs that have difficulty socializing and/or display undesirable behavior toward other people and around dogs. Whether they present too much enthusiasm or actually do something “unseemly”, this is a great class for any dog owner. This class is perfect for dogs that display inappropriate behaviors, including: Over-Excitement Jumping Excessive Barking Lack of Focus Shyness

PREREQUISITE: Must have completed Beginner Puppy School or Adult Manners at Think Pawsitive.

Class Dates are the start of a 2-week session.

During this class we will extend the skills you learned in Please to Meet You! You will work through proofing your dog’s understanding of the exercises that were taught and practiced in the first two classes. We will evolve into structured set-ups to help work through normal, everyday distractions such as: food, toys, various people and working in close proximity to other dogs that you and your dog may encounter in your everyday life experiences. Throughout the exercises we will look at what is motivating your dog, how we can change their perspective, and what you can do to ensure they will respond with excellent choices when meeting people and or being around other dogs no matter what environment is presented to them!

PREREQUISITE: Must have completed both weeks of Pleased to Meet You! at Think Pawsitive. Please register for the two week class you wish to attend.

Class Dates are the start of a 2-week session.

Do you want to improve your dog’s manners? This course advances the skills and games you learned in your previous puppy or adult manners class. You will expand It’s-Yer-Choice and Crate Games to help set boundaries and improve control. You will strengthen your dog’s understanding of “Sit” and “Down” through longer duration, harder distractions and from longer distances. Recalls will also be proofed with greater distance and distraction and, once your loose-leash walking with distractions has been mastered, you will be introduced to off-leash work! In addition to many other skills, you will be cueing your dog to a mat or bed from long ranges and teaching him/her to maintain that behavior with increased duration and distraction as well as teaching him/her to calmly greet people and dogs.

PREREQUISITE: Must have completed Think Pawsitive’s Beginner Puppy School, Adult Manners or Canine IQ Camp.

Class Dates are the start of a 4-week session.

The skills you will work on in this class will improve on your dog's self-control behaviors in your home and out in the community when presented with distractions of other people and dogs. We will work on the various requirements for successful completion of the Canine Good Citizen Test including:
  • Accepting a friendly stranger
  • Sitting politely for petting
  • Appearance and grooming
  • Out for a walk (walking on a loose lead)
  • Walking through a crowd
  • Sit and down on cue and stay in place
  • Coming when called
  • Reaction to another dog
  • Supervised separation
Dogs must be friendly around other dogs and people as this class is not designed to help reactive dogs become more social.  The Canine Good Citizen Test will be given during the fifth week of the class by a certified AKC Evaluator. Those dogs that pass will receive a certificate from the AKC (American Kennel Club). This certification is recommended for those who wish to pursue Therapy Dog programs. This class will meet for five consecutive weeks. The CGC Test will be given during the fifth week. PREREQUISITES: Must have taken Beginner Puppy School or Adult Manners at Think Pawsitive.
Calling all disc doggers! If you have seen teams perform K9 Disc Freestyle and thought it looked like fun, come and join this one-night class. We will lay a foundation for vaults, overs, flips, rebounds, and more tricks to incorporate into a routine. Handlers will also learn throwing techniques and how to start sequencing moves. 

PREREQUISITE: Dogs must already be catching discs or have instructor approval.

Class Dates are the start of a 2-week session.

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