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PREREQUISITE: Dogs must be at least 11 months old and must have passed a basic manners class that was structured with positive reinforcement and is choice-based with the use of food rewards or instructor approval. Our program uses high rates of reinforcement to achieve success and to build a strong relationship with your dog.

This workshop will offer beginning handlers and students new to Think Pawsitive an introduction to our training methodology and an opportunity to try out the following canine activities and sports:

* Agility * Intro to Swimming & Dock Diving * Play, Tricks, & Retrieving * Nose Work Games * Relationship Building Games * Canine Frisbee Games Basic Obedience * Leash Walking & Real Life Manners * Rally Obedience *

This is an excellent chance to try out a variety of activities with your dog in one exciting workshop! Successful completion of the sessions will allow students to “Fast Track” into our canine sports programs (Agility, Nose Work, Rally Obedience).

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