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15% Off Jump, Run, Wag: Agility Pups!

Join us for a one-week puppy agility class, a fantastic way to provide mental and physical stimulation for your pup while building a strong bond between the two of you. During class, you will get to try a variety of fun and challenging obstacles such as tunnels, puppy jumps, wobble boards, all designed to enhance your pup's coordination, agility and problem-solving skills.

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15% Off Beginner Agility Workshop!

Have you ever watched canine agility on television and thought it looked like fun, but wondered how you get started? The answer is our Beginner Agility Workshop! Your dog or puppy will be given the chance to try various obstacles such as tables, travel boards, tunnels, and more! If you are looking for an exciting way to strengthen the bond between you and your pup, boost his/her confidence, begin to work off-leash control, and have lots of fun along the way, then agility is the sport for you.

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A Therapy Dog!

Embark on a thrilling adventure with your dog through our beginner-friendly classes designed to introduce you to the exciting world of canine sports! Our trainers will guide you and your dog step-by-step, building a solid foundation in agility, rally obedience, and various other canine sports building on your teamwork.

Transform your dog into the perfect companion with our tailored set of classes focused on building essential skills for a well-behaved family member. Our experienced trainers will guide you through fundamental obedience training, teaching your dog crucial commands for a harmonious home life.

Join us in fostering a connection that goes beyond the ordinary pet-owner relationship and embark on a fulfilling adventure of bringing joy and comfort to those in need. Enroll today to transform your dog into a certified therapy dog, making a positive impact on lives everywhere you go.


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Nose Work

Advanced Manners

Private Lessons

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Agility is great for helping your dog or puppy (YES even puppies!) Release their energy in a safe, fun way.

• Builds your dog or puppy's confidence - Agility training can help your dog/puppy get over fears of unusual surfaces, small spaces, 'scary' situations, and completing tasks without being right by your side. The confidence built while practicing agility will even transfer over into other parts of your dog's life too, whether that be confidence in new situations or meeting new people and dogs.

• Great for developing self-control, whether it be with or without agility equipment, your dog will learn to harness their self control and commit to and commit to the task that you're asking them to do.

• Strengthens your teamwork with distraction training. Your dog will need to get used to distractions they might not face in everyday life, for example: there could be dozens of (probably barking) dogs, people walking around, noises and new smells - and your dog still has to focus on their job of running the course. Over time, your dog will be able to ignore distractions in day-to-day life much easier too.

Check out these Classes to get you started:

Jump, Run, Wag: Agility Pups!
Intro to Agility Class

K9 NOSE WORK Is a fun search and scenting activity for virtually all dogs and people. Your dog willearn to use his nose to target specific odors. e Is mentally and physically stimulating, which helps to burn energy in active dogs.

• It's portable! You can set up searches anywhere that your dog is able to access.

• It's for all ages and breeds! It's safe for reactive dogs.

• It builds confidence! Teaching your dog to pay attention to you and play a FUN game in lots of NEW environments

• It strengthens your bond with your dog!

Check out this Class to get you started:

Nose Work I

 Advance your dog or puppy's skills after graduation from your puppy or manners class at Think Pawsitive. Classes are one t0 four-week sessions. In these classes, we will help you with your mechanics so that your dog understands, enjoys and rehearses the desired behavior we are teaching within in these specific specialty classes.

Private lessons are a great opportunity for owners and dogs seeking one-on-one, individualized help. Private lessons are 30-60 minutes long and can be customized to assess problem behaviors, make up missed class exercises, or create a training plan for a certain sport. We will be able to cover 1-2 skills in a 30-minute private lesson.

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More Ways to Have Fun!

Specialty Workshops


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These workshops are tailored for you and your dog to enjoy learning about canine sports, advanced manners, or tricks. These are two-hour workshops that will help you learn fun activities or skills that will advance you and your dog's relationship even more!

Join us for fun activities that allow you and your dog to bond. Additionally, let your dog engage with their new friends while allowing them to learn how to be enjoyable and respectful around other dogs.

Check out our Events Calendar:

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Splash Into Aquatics!

K9 Splash Swimming

Water Treadmill

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Individual Swims or Swimming Classes are a great way to endurance train, rehabilitate, or interactively play with your dog. All dogs new to us start off with a staff-assisted swim to evaluate the ability of your dog to swim safely on his/her own in our K9 Splash Swim Center.

The underwater treadmill provides limited weight bearing exercise for dogs. The dog is placed in a water filled tank, where the dog exercises by walking, jogging or running on the moving treadmill belt.

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Check out TAILS Academy!

What is TAILS Academy?

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Tails Academy offers your dog a structured and FUN day with our Think Pawsitive instructors. We tailor activities and develop a unique and reinforcing training plan for each day that your dog attends. Our trained, experienced instructors work with your dog on developing reliable skills and proficiencies amongst a variety of real-life distractions. At the same time, your dog will be gaining eagerness and confidence to interact with people and challenges in his or her environment.
As a TAILS Academy participant, your dog will engage in daily activities that include the following: Swimming, land or water treadmill, retrieving or fun enrichment activities, general manners, leash walking, off-leash walking on an indoor track, and an introduction to a variety of canine sports!

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