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Angie Gabriel

Job Title:
Water Treadmill Instructor
Water Treadmill
7 Years
(262) 641-9540

Personal Experience

I have been a dog owner most of my life. I started volunteering at Rescue Gang in 2021 and while I was there, I received a lot of knowledge about dogs, rescues, and training. I took over being Kennel Manager in 2022 until I started to work for a local vet/boarding/day care business. In my spare time, I walk dogs almost every day of the week where I apply my knowledge of training.

Why I Love My Job

This job is so rewarding! I get to spend my time with the TAILS Academy dogs and I get to know them very well. The clients are all amazing (and their dogs too). There is a strong sense of teamwork here and I learn something new every day. Getting to see the dogs progress in the water treadmill is so amazing!

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