Think Pawsitive also works with a group of talented visiting instructors who bring their unique skills to help educate and empower the people and dogs we work with. Our instructors are all lifetime learners that continue to educate themselves in animal behavior, learning theory and training techniques. We each compete in various canine competitive sports or therapy work and enjoy a mutually enriching recreational life with our dogs.

Anthony Clarke is known as one of the UK’s top trainers and competitors with 16 years’ experience working with dogs and taking every dog he has owned to the very top level of British Agility. His agility expertise has taken him all over the world presenting Inspirational and motivational seminars in countries such as Holland, Belgium, Poland, America, Canada, and Japan.

Having started at a young age Anthony has gained experience in many Junior Championships winning the Junior World Championships in 2007 as well as every British Junior title at least twice, Anthony retired from junior competitions in 2009, after winning the Crufts Junior Title for the fourth time. Within his time as a junior handler, Anthony also dominated the senior competitions and became a regular competitor at all the major British finals and competitions such as Crufts and Olympia. He has also competed for his country on many occasions at the FCI World Championships and the European Open where Anthony and his teammates have taken 2nd place in the Team event at the FCI Championships and also overall Team Bronze medallist twice at the European Open.

Anthony’s qualities also involve coaching the England World Agility Open Team, whereas a coach has 9 x Gold, 7 x Silver, 6 x Bronze medals to his name team members have said “Anthony brings the best out in each handler and dog partnership and works well as a coach to help achieve the best for the partnership”.

He takes the progression & development of young agility handlers very seriously and owns his own Junior Agility program called Agility for Junior’s, where he provides top quality training for junior handlers. A huge part of this program’s newest launch is the Open Junior Agility Championships, where he is the owner of an International agility competition for handlers under the age of 18years old.

 The name Susan Salo is certainly becoming a recognizable one in today’s world of agility. Although relatively new to the sport, she has a lot to offer the agility community. Susan brings over thirty-five years of experience from the world of show jumping. A lifelong horsewoman, she has ridden for many years with some of the nation’s most noted horsemen including Gene Lewis, George Morris, and the late Jimmy Williams, and has competed throughout the United States and Canada. Turning professional, she moved to the East and spent sixteen years between New Hampshire, and Virginia, helping clients achieve their goals.

Susan brings her extensive experience of combining speed with jumping to the sport of Agility. She offers a unique perspective and knowledge of the mechanical aspects of jumping which, when properly applied, can create muscle memory and balance for the canine athlete. Not to be confused with a handling seminar, her lessons and workshops focus entirely on the dog and build better jumping skills and instill more confidence and speed. Training with Susan is an opportunity for you to develop your “eye” and witness your dog learning about balance, striding, and scope until jumping becomes effortless.

Susan trains both horses and dogs at her residence in Northern California, where she lives with her brilliant Jack Russell Terrier, Patrick. Every course your dog will ever run is primarily made up of jumps, yet it is the least taught and least understood the skill set in agility. Because a dog can jump doesn’t mean that he knows how to jump. When a dog understands how to jump…path, distance, appropriate takeoff place, weight transfer, the angle of elevation, and height, he will run more smoothly, efficiently, and decisively…and, therefore, be faster and less prone to injury.

Laura has been a professional dog trainer since 1993 and started her agility career in 1998 when she created her own agility centre, CDogsFly Agility in Turlock, California. Laura competed in the United States with her three dogs; Josie, a Golden Retriever, and Fly and Fish, her two Border Collies. From there she moved to the United Kingdom and has since traveled throughout the world (North America, Australia, New Zealand and Europe) to compete and present agility training seminars.

After moving to the UK, Fish had to start again at the novice level in the European venues. He quickly progressed up to the highest levels in both Kennel Club and UK Agility. He has qualified and competed in the Singles Final at Crufts and the Agility Stakes Final at Olympia. Fish has also represented Great Britain at the 2008 European Open and in that same year, he won the UK Agility Grand Prix Final. In 2009, Laura and Fish qualified for the Great Britain Team 2010 IFCS World Agility Championships.

Laura’s young dog, Spider, was born in 2007 and although just beginning his agility career, he has already progressed through the levels in Great Britain Agility.

Laura is married to Greg Derrett. He is well known for developing a unique handling system (The Greg Derrett Handling System) and for his long and prestigious agility career. Greg was named Great Britain’s “Handler of the Year” in both 1999 and 2000. His older Border Collie, Jay, has won every major tournament in Great Britain at least once, and most of them twice. His Border Collie, Fern, placed 3rd as “Dog of the Year” in 1999 and 2nd in 2000 behind Jay. In 2001, Greg and Fern were members of Great Britain’s first ever World Cup team. Prior to 2001, England had never been represented a the World Cup. Greg continued to demonstrate his success by winning Crufts twice (including in 2008) with GT and earning a Silver medal at the FCI World Championships.

Complementing his admirable training abilities, Greg completed a MSc in Animal Behavior. He is a popular seminar presenter and has traveled to Japan in addition to Canada and the United States. Greg has produced a very comprehensive series of Agility Foundation and Handling Videos and DVD’s. Both Greg and Laura represented Great Britain in the 2008 European Open and were Team Managers/Coaches for Great Britain’s team at the IFCS World Agility Championships in 2006 and 2008. Both teams brought back an impressive array of medals and have been the most successful Great Britain team ever to compete abroad. Greg and Laura are the recent founders of UK Agility International (UKI), an agility venue that brings European style courses to North America.

 Margaret Simek’s name is well known and widely respected among dog sports enthusiasts and professional trainers. Margaret’s One Happy Dog trainer seminars and sports camps, and online classes for trainers sell out regularly, and many a trainer has Margaret to thank for their canine sports titles. Margaret has more than a few titles herself—in obedience, hunting, tracking, and Nose Work. And what’s particularly impressive as you consider her list is that they’ve been achieved with non-traditional breeds, including a rescued American Staffordshire Terrier, Jack Russell Terrier, Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Brittany, and Australian Shepherd. She’s also used only positive methods—something that for many years traditional trainers said couldn’t be done. Her titles include CT, NW3, OM4, UDX, HIT in obedience and NW and multiple NOI invites. Margaret’s passion for putting positive training methods to their most effective use infuses every private session, class, and workshop she teaches. She stresses efficiency and clarity in training, employing strategies that give the dog the most freedom of choice so that they truly learn.  


Margaret avoids nagging, “popping,” and scaring dogs, as these methods slow the learning process and get in the way of a well-functioning dog-and-human team. 

Based on these concepts, Margaret has pioneered the Simek Method of Nose Work training, using operant conditioning to teach dogs to choose odor over food, and using early proofing to stay at the source for rewards. By the time dogs begin searching, they know exactly what to do. It’s a prime example of clarity of task—a foundation of Margaret’s success in both training and teaching. This method has produced some of the top NW dogs in the country, including Elite level dogs. 

Training happens at both ends of the leash, and Margaret spends just as much time and passion on her teaching of humans as she does the training of dogs. Margaret isn’t just a great dog trainer herself—she knows how to make great dog trainers of others. She understands that good teaching is about starting where you are and moving forward at the right pace for you, and she takes equal joy in watching dog owners learn to turn their dogs on, in watching novice sports students get hooked, in watching trainers reach new heights of skill and achievement. 


As Margaret likes to say, “Excellent training produces excellent behavior.” And excellent training should be fun for dog and human alike. Whether you ’re working with Margaret one-on-one on a pet dog problem, taking your first (or 10th!) Nose Work class, or attending a training seminar or camp, you ’re going to do some excellent training and have some excellent fun doing it.



Think Pawsitive, LLC is Wisconsin’s largest indoor training and sports complex. Our facility in Waukesha has several large training rooms in which we teach over sixty-five classes each week and offer a variety of workshops and seminars. We house a canine water treadmill along with a stunning swim center with a 41′ x 21’ pool for dock diving, endurance training, rehabilitation, or interactive play, and we operate a small retail area. The highlight of our facility is our 8,500 square-foot, artificially turfed arena in which we hold approximately 40 canine sports or activities each year, drawing hundreds of competitors, spectators and dog enthusiasts from all over the Midwest. We are committed to promoting safe, healthy and rewarding relationships between dogs and their owners.