"Katie and Lisa have the rare gift of sharing their amazing passion for what they do and an extraordinary ability to teach and demonstrate. Thank you for exposing me to the path that Think Pawsitive provides which makes it possible for someone with no background or experience to spend such special time connecting with my dogs, Jake and Elwood." - Joe Lemel, Jake, and Elwood
"Think Pawsitive is AWESOME!! I have five (5) Labrador Retrievers of all colors and ages and every one of them have benefitted from Think Pawsitive's facility. I bring all of them for their workouts in the pool - alternating them as needed - especially in the winter months when it's way too cold or icy to let them work off their excess energy on their own...I'm a huge fan of Todd, Katie and their wonderful facility. LONG LIVE THINK PAWSITIVE AND K-9 SPLASH!!" - Deb Gault
"I share my life with a Golden Retriever who is middle aged but still moves as quickly and gracefully as she did when she was much younger. I attribute much of her good physical condition to our weekly swims at K9 Splash, which she loves more than almost anything else I can think of. " - Clyde Surles and Quiz
"I am very GRATEFUL for the pool at THINK PAWSITIVE. We have a K9 Pro pass and swim 3 times a week, all winter. She loves to retrieve the water toys in the pool and comes home to relax for the rest of the evening." - Lynda and Sadie
"Katie made training my dog's fun...In the past dog training was such a frustration, and I wasn't very successful either. But they are now becoming great dogs to live with!!" - Bob and Beth Jors

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Agility Dog Rippa

Training a Young Agility Dog

Hi, my name is Rippa. I am a 16-month-old tri-merle Australian Shepherd. On January 25th, 2014, I ventured out to my first UKI agility trial to test out my skills in an actual trial. I am in the early stages of training for agility competition, so I am just learning to put all my foundation [Continue Reading...]

Hand On Collar

Does Your Dog Love to Have You Reach for Them??

Why would one want to grab his/her dog’s collar? For safety, re-direction or to build drive to name a few reasons. One of the games we teach in our foundations courses is the Collar Grab Game. It was developed by Susan Garrett and is one of the most valuable skills I have taught my own [Continue Reading...]

Winnie--Canine Fitness

Winter blues with an older dog!

Having an elderly pet is very challenging – especially in the cold winter months. Todd and I own a 15-year-old Golden Retriever, Winnie. She is blind and has very limited hearing. She can hear high-pitched sounds or a whistle, but the loss of sight and hearing has made keeping her conditioned and exercised more than [Continue Reading...]