"Katie and Lisa have the rare gift of sharing their amazing passion for what they do and an extraordinary ability to teach and demonstrate. Thank you for exposing me to the path that Think Pawsitive provides which makes it possible for someone with no background or experience to spend such special time connecting with my dogs, Jake and Elwood." - Joe Lemel, Jake, and Elwood
"This is one of the finest facilities in the country offering quality instruction for the first time agility person to the seasoned competitor looking to tune up their skill set or that of their dog...There is something for everyone at Think Pawsitive...I strongly suggest you stop by, meet Katie, Lisa and Joan and set up your first class. You will never regret it!" - Susan Salo
"The K9 Splash pool has enabled my 9.5 year old golden retriever to fully recover from back surgery, and be able to return to agility competition...Swimming the dogs in the heated pool after agility is their idea of a reward, and my idea of a great way to stretch and condition their bodies. Love it! " - Lisa Escher, Ralphie, & Winnie
"Initially, what attracted me was the excellent facility and equipment. I soon learned Think Pawsitive offered much more. Katie and Lisa are very knowledgeable, extremely supportive and are very good at what they do! Their love for the dogs and their training methods are exemplary." - Sandy, Zoe, Annie, Sailor, Rella, & Jazz
"I am very GRATEFUL for the pool at THINK PAWSITIVE. We have a K9 Pro pass and swim 3 times a week, all winter. She loves to retrieve the water toys in the pool and comes home to relax for the rest of the evening." - Lynda and Sadie

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Does Your Dog Love to Have You Reach for Them??

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